Our Story

So what happens when people who love something come together. They brew magic! They put together a vision which helps uplift the society, empowers and enables people to live life to the fullest. They inspire people to live, love and laugh without fear and inhibitions. Mohani tea has been at the helm of one such revolution. It all started in the year 1992, when we took our love for tea beyond a regular mundane drink. We understand that tea is much more than a beverage, it is an emotion. People in our society bond and build relationships over a cup of tea. We at Mohani strive to provide the finest quality tea picked from the best gardens across the tea growing regions in India. Our selection of teas infuses energy into your day and help you fulfil all that you desire.


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The Tea Connect

At Mohani, we invest and nurture avenues which help us achieve sustainable growth right from tea purchase upto delivering a perfect cup of tea to the consumer. A few of our unique advantages include:
  • Our unique Tea Buying Portal, that helps us connect directly with the tea estates owners and helps us deliver tea to the consumer in the shortest possible time.
  • State of the art tea blending and packing unit with ultra modern infrastructure to ensure that the best hygiene and safety standards are observed.
  • Our distinct 5 layer tea tasting procedure to certify that only the best of the teas become a part of the Mohani portfolio and every sip of Mohani gives you a perfect sensorial feel of the perfect cup of tea.
  • A large assortment of Mohani tea brands driven by innovations and single minded vision to cater to various segments of tea lovers including a selection of tea bags and specialty teas like Green Tea, Herbal Tea, and Flavoured teas.
  • We are the principal private label suppliers of tea packs exclusively to the best retail chains in India including Wal-Mart, Auchan, Big Bazaar, Cosmic, Spencers, etc.
  • Moreover we are also a regular supplier to the Defense Stores, Police Canteens, Railways and other Government and Semi Government Organizations. We have a dedicated manufacturing unit to cater to our Private Label, Institutional and Modern trade supply.
  • Mohani boasts of significant footprints across the country including an administrative office in Kanpur, corporate office in Noida followed by tea Purchase offices in Siliguri and Kolkata.
Our passion and love for teas has helped us reach out to a large cross section of society and mark our presence in key tea drinking markets of Madhya Pradesh, northern states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir and many more.

So ingrained is a delightful cup of Mohani tea in our region, almost synonymous to tea itself, that our consumers lovingly say “Ek Cup Mohini to banti hai”.
Mohani Tea Connect

The Tea Team

We are a team of tea lovers. Its hard to keep any of us from identifying, curating and delivering the best tea to our customers. Right from identifying the right teas, till the last mile delivery there is an expert to ensure that only the best reaches the customers.  There is possibly only one thing we are very serious about - getting it all perfect all the way through!


Mohani Milestones


Mohani Tea has been associated with numerous initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the organisation’s effect on environment and social well being.


Since our launch in 1992, Mohani Tea has racked up a list of Tea industry “best in class” awards. Check out a few who have recognized our success in creating a tea brand that our partners and people love.


We at Mohani take pride in our people, as at the heart of this family run business is a strong management team that performs, delivers and drives growth.