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She is extraordinary

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I know an extraordinary woman.

She is not an angel that has descended from heaven;One that is gentle and kind; One who cares immensely about her family and loves them unconditionally; One that chooses to see the good in even the worst of people; One that tries to mend the broken and heal the wounded; One whose very soul reverberates goodness and projects compassion; One who supports her loved ones all through their tough times; One whose face shines with all the power of the sun when something makes her happy. While this description fits her to the dot, I do not just call her an angel.

I also call her a warrior.

A warrior who has fought the demons of her past with strength so fierce that even fire would cower in front of her; A warrior who is on a journey to show the world the magnitude of what a woman can achieve if she puts her mind to it; A warrior who will reach great heights and history will know her as the woman who broke her chains and flew as high as her wings took her and as far as the wind flowed.

Her touch is golden, her love is evergreen, and her power is awe-striking.

She is simple, she is graceful, she is strength, she is elegance and she is the strongest and the most beautiful person I have ever known.

She is my warrior angel. She is my wife.

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