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Women Need Refreshing Moments of True Freedom

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Until a few decades ago, it was unthinkable for women in India to dream of backpacking solo into the woods of the country, or riding a bike along its length and breadth from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Meet Swati Jain and Roshni Sharma who have achieved these feats, delivering a small but strong message for all women out there: Khul ke jiyo.

Roshni and Swati are among the several Indian women today who have pursued their dreams of living life on their own terms, instead of settling for stereotyped roles for women created by society. As a matter of fact, India has the highest percentage of female commercial pilots in the world at 12%. These women had many battles to fight before they got where they are, but they today bring tremendous pride to India.

But India is still far from creating an environment for all women to follow their dreams. The roots of patriarchy continue to be deeply embedded in the society, and social evils such as dowry, female infanticide and unsafe spaces for women still make national headlines on pretty much a daily basis. As a result, inspirational women such as Swati and Roshni are the exception rather than the norm.

We at Mohani Group (Mohani Tea and Sache Wellness) believe that every woman should be given equal opportunity to follow her dreams and develop her full potential.  This International Women’s Day, let’s pledge as family, friends, educators, and employers to give a wing to the dreams of women in our respective spheres of life and create an India where women such as Swati and Roshni become the norm. Only then will our country become a true superpower!

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